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The resort was named after Severiano or “Seve”, the owner’s late father who was a well-loved citizen of Guis-Guis, Sariaya, Quezon. Inspired by the hospitality and warmth of the town and its people, The Seves Hotel and Resort aims to provide world-class amenities and accommodations to its guests while promoting the livelihood of the locals in the area.


The Seves also values the preservation of cultural heritage – the influence of which can be seen in various artworks and design choices throughout the resort.

60th Birthday-483.jpg
Matandang Puno ng Kasuy

Standing strong for more than a hundred years old, the old cashew tree situated near the pool area has outlasted most of the people living in the world today. The resort’s owner still fondly remembers climbing the tree together with his siblings and friends when they were young. This old cashew tree is a candid reminder of the changing seasons, as its leaves dry up, fall, and grow in an unending cycle of rebirth.

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