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24 Deluxe rooms provide a relaxing view of the resort’s lush tropical greenery and pool area. These rooms are spacious at 35 sqm and come with either 1 King bed or 2 Double beds. They are also equipped with air-conditioning, blackout curtains for extra privacy and quality sleep, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that can be opened to let fresh air and sunshine in.

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Furnished with 12 single beds, the Barkada rooms are perfect for big groups. They are also equipped with air-conditioning, plus 2 sets of toilets and showers so that everyone in the group can freshen up without waiting for too long. It is highly recommended to make a booking as soon as possible, as there are only 3 Barkada rooms available to rent in the resort.


Who doesn't want extra privacy? The lovely Juana and Lucita villas offer the ultimate level of luxury and privacy, making them the perfect choice for big families. These villas have now been completed and are ready to provide guests with an exceptional and exclusive accommodation experience.

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